COVID-19 Update:

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Amidst all the uncertainty surrounding our lives and with races cancelling races up into June, we at TRTER are closely monitoring the situation with the intention of having a race July 18-19, 2020. That decision may be taken out of our hands depending on what State of Nevada and local governments have for restrictions during that time frame.

I certainly hope that is not the case in July and the world has this pandemic in it’s rearview mirror. I want to update you on what TRTER is doing and intends on doing if the race is cancelled. 

We are suspending all wait list additions until we know for sure we have a green light for the race to go on.

If cancelled, TRTER will refund 75% of the race entry fee:

  • 100 Mile – $217.50
  • 50 Mile –   $116.25
  • 55K –          $101.25

Because credit card companies and banks only allow merchants to refund a credit card for approximately 90-days after a transaction, refunds will be issued by check and mailed to you. 

As stated in the fees section of the website, we will not offer rollovers.

Again, we will do everything in our power to see this race happens, however as with many races that have already cancelled it was completely out of their control.