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Hello Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runners

I hope this finds you and your families healthy and well. Since my last statement three weeks ago we’ve witnessed unprecedented historic times in our country and our lives. Beyond our wildest imaginations.

Times of uncertainty are an understatement. But it’s this uncertainty that is the reason why I’m announcing 2020 Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs will be cancelled. This decision was very difficult to make as we took into considerations from Federal, State and local governments as well us USDA Forest Service and Nevada State Parks.

While COVID-19 is the most obvious health concern, I am concerned about you as an entrant, and our volunteers taking care of runners in close proximity. I also know that in many parts of the country there are strict orders to not even go outside, or travel, so training and preparedness for this difficult race is also a big question.

As this pandemic winds down and the country opens up, what is going to be the new normal? No one can answer this question with certainty. The USDA Forest Service which issues our permits to operate within the Tahoe Basin does not know, nor does Nevada State Parks. Currently National Forest land in the country is closed until the Federal Government opens it back up.  These agencies are likely to have restrictions in the future about crowd sizes.

I realize this is extremely disappointing to many of you that have made this your focus race. I know there are many that are probably relieved to hear this for fear of traveling or being amongst large crowds. I feel especially bad for our many international runners that have been living with far more restrictive living conditions than we have and have already made travel plans. I would have liked to wait longer to make this decision but it’s unfair to you all to delay the inevitable.

As stated on our website, TRTER will refund 75% of your entry fee. This will come via a check from sent to the home address you had at the time you registered for the race. For those of you that have changed their mailing address I urge you promptly to go to your account on Ultra Signup and update this. I’m asking for your patience with this process. I hope to have the check in the mail in approximately two weeks.   

There will be No Rollovers, virtual race or shirt and finisher awards mailed out. These will all be used in next year’s race. Our lottery is not the same as Western States or Hardrock where a very small percentage of entries get into the race. It’s anyone’s guess how next year’s registrations will look with so many races rolling over to next year, I anticipate most will get in depending on our size restrictions going forward. So do not fret about the no rollovers, the registration opening for 2021 will be December  6th for two weeks closing December 20th.

I know some may not agree with this decision but with the uncertainty in this country and what the new normal will be going forward it just seems right to hit the reset button, get past this Pandemic and start planning on a much brighter and clearer TRTER 2021!

TRTER is a 501 3c nonprofit, none of the volunteers or race management team receive monies from this event. Anyone feeling like they would like to donate their entry fee to charities like the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and the Dream Center in Carson City, please email me directly. Any donations will go to helping those in need during these uncertain times.

Thank you for understanding this difficult decision. Please stay safe and healthy and we will see you in 2021.
George Ruiz – Race Director