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This may disappoint a few TRTER 100M & 50M entrants, but we think most will be quite pleased with these changes.

Here’s the story and the change:

The mileage of the newly designed course kept creeping higher for the 50 mile and 100 mile courses, as it was designed with a mapping program not with feet on the ground with a GPS tracker. When the snow melted and we started to actually get GPS tracks of new sections it became evident the mileage was going to be longer than anticipated – a lot longer.

I’ve made the decision to remove the infamous Red House loop altogether from the 50 mile to bring the mileage back closer to a 50 mile race. For the 100 mile race, the Red House loop is now limited to just one time. Yes, 100 milers will still do the Red House loop on your first lap, but on the second lap you will be going from Hobart to Tunnel Creek and head straight on to Diamond Peak.

This will bring the 50 mile race mileage to approximately 51 or 52 miles, and the 100 mile race mileage to 101 or 102 miles. The 50 mile race cutoff remains at 20 hours (same for the 55K) and the 100 mile remains at 36 hours.

In addition, we have eliminated the 100 mile awards ceremony at the conclusion of the 100 mile race. 100 mile finishers will receive their buckles as they finish. This is to accommodate the 36 hour cutoff and to limit a large crowd gathering in close proximity.

I believe these changes are for the good of the race participants, and our race volunteers. Our aid station captains and their crew are super excited to bring on the challenges of this new course. And I can tell you that it has created quite a buzz in the trail running community here—it’s the talk of the town!

Stay tuned in for final instructions leading up to the race. Train well in this final month before the race. Don’t get hurt, and don’t forget to taper. You’re going to need your climbing legs!

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