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For TRTER 2022, we’ve enlisted Trackleaders Live Tracker for our 100 Mile Distance. Each participant will have a SPOT tracker attached to them so we know where each runner is on-course. This feature increases safety and spectator enjoyment. Share the link with your friends, family and especially your crew and pacers!

For the 50 Mile and 55K distances, RaceJoy will track runners—take note: Each runner and their followers must download the App:

  1. Download RaceJoy: Download the RaceJoy app to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Search for your race: Go to Featured Races to locate this event and click on the race to enter.
  3. Set Up: Follow the prompts carefully to get set up properly for race day.
  4. Race Day: Carry your phone during the race and click START MY RACE as you cross the Start Line.

Your followers just follow the spectator instructions to find you.

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